dimanche 7 juillet 2013

The Saga Continues

Hello dear neglected blog. Sometimes I get so behind in my writing that I feel as though I could never catch up, so let's begin with the present and see where that takes us, shall we? I've been in something of an incubatory phase this past year. There are times when I feel like I am drifting, in a constant state of becoming- becoming what? I haven't the slightest idea, but I suppose that's the essence of life. We are never stagnant. Always moving from one phase to the next with no actual goal at the end of it. Becoming is being. Never really waking as exactly the same person we were the day before. It reminds me of an IMAX science movie my Middle School class went to see; for some reason throughout all these years one piece of information from that film has stuck with me: each day the top layer of your eye (as do all the cells in your body over time really) renews itself and upon waking, you literally see the world with new eyes. This constant renewal of our physical being offers boundless hope if we realize that our more ethereal selves are just as ( if not more so) plastic.

Anyway, the reason I finally decided to sit down and write, besides the fact that writing is incredibly therapeutic to me, is that I've been accepted into graduate school in Lyon to study Linguistics. A new phase is on the horizon once more. I am sure this will be another emotional upheaval, but I crave growth and change and, of course, travel! So it is with joy that I open my new eyes to the future. Everything has finally lined up for this to work. I've got a job that will only last through the summer here in the US, two jobs and a place to live in Lyon, as well as of course a great guy waiting for and supporting me across the wide water. There is much to do and many goodbyes to be said, so I will leave this space for the present and hopefully be back here again soon.