lundi 21 mars 2011

A slight introduction

I've decided to resurrect this blog with some minor aesthetic adjustments, which will hopefully encourage me to return here often with my adventurous tales ;). I have been feeling that horizon-call coming over me for quite some time and I think the moment spent in this place is reaching its end. Like all good finales, I am sure there will be tears but I can't help but realize that I've gotten a bit off track with my journey in life and I need to steer myself in a different direction.

I am holding France in my heart like a quiet seed waiting to sprout and in a few weeks now I will hopefully be able to watch the dream germinate. Yikes! Big steps are always strangely horrifying, but they really are *usually* the most valuable and I know a time of great growth is nearing, whatever path I take. I am trying to look at this time as the preface to a great story, trying to prepare myself mentally, physically, and emotionally for change... Unfortunately, the boredom still comes from time to time. I need to work on keeping myself busy... bleh!! Hopefully, I can use this blog as outlet for what I believe will be my last summer in Weed (yes, you heard me right and no it's not named after the uhhh "herb" though activities connected with said plant do seem to be quite popular in this crook of the great American elbow) California and wherever I head next. I will try my best not to bore those of you unlucky folk who stumble and perhaps face plant into this space, but I guarantee nothing. Enjoy these words and hopefully take something positive from them as well!
Peace, mes chers!