samedi 26 novembre 2011

An American Cabaret in France?

A few weeks ago (I really have no sense of time anymore so this is just an approximate guess), the other assistants and myself were invited to go to the cabaret. Since I had never been previously, I figured why not. Turns out the entire thing was in English and the performers were actually American. Apparently, they were trying to promote a more... voluptuous female body image, which don't get me wrong I am all for. I am so so tired of the being told that the ideal modern woman has the body of a 12 year old boy. Women are curvy end of story. In my opinion health is the greatest beauty of all-neither too fat nor too thin. But I digress. So this was an American cabaret and some of the performers were rather overweight, that combined with an act centered around KFC was not exactly what I had been hoping for as probably the only American in the crowd. The thing about living abroad is that you want to present the good parts of your culture to the world and the thing about being American is that, unfortunately, the most widely circulated cultural tender is printed on bills a bit unflattering. This being pretty much the only view that the French (and probably most of the world) see of us, I have to be a bit critical and wish that Americans show a different view of our culture to the rest of the world. Sure American pop culture is horrible and this country has done some dispicable things, none of that should be excused, but those should not be the ONLY things exported. The US has a lot of great things about it and I think a more balanced view should be presented to the world. That's all.

mardi 8 novembre 2011


I have run into a long string of events that have served to convince me that I have run out of luck. Suffice it to say that for the moment my computer is completely dead and since I had to buy new glasses it will be a while until I can buy a new one. I will hopefully one day be able to catch up with this blog since so many lovely things have happened, but it might not be for a while. Who knows, perhaps sooner than later.